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Change of program and readmission forms

Fill out the appropriate application(s) below, according to the program change(s) you would like to apply for.

Important to note: depending on the nature of change(s) you are requesting, you may need to fill out a combination of forms below.

  1. Undergraduate change of program/readmission
    1. Access this application if:
      1. You have not registered at Ontario Tech in two consecutive semesters, or
      2. You would like to change your program/degree.
  2. Declaration or removal of double major
    1. Available to select FBIT, Science and Social Science and Humanities programs only
  3. Application for “and Management”
    1. Available to select Engineering and Science programs only
  4. Change of minor
  5. Change of specialization
  6. Concurrent Education Program (Bachelor of Education) application
  7. Co-operative Education Application
    1. Engineering and Science programs
    2. Faculty of Business and Information Technology
  8. Expression of Interest – Diploma in Public Policy